Developer Critical Hit Games and publisher PLAION have announced Nobody Wants to Die, a cinematic adventure game inspired by works in the neo-noir genre. The game takes place in a futuristic New York City. In the year 2329 to be exact.

Nobody Wants to Die, Official Trailer

In Nobody Wants to Die you play as police detective James Karra, investigating crime scenes in a society where it seems like immortality is a thing. In this alternate-world New York, people’s consciousness can be transferred from one body to another or stored on a computer. For those that can afford it, of course. Typical.

Nobody Wants to Die is an innovative experience taking place in futuristic New York City, inspired by neo-noir films, offering a distinctly visual aesthetic and intriguing plot. Playing as Detective James Karra you investigate crime scenes using time manipulation and advanced technology to uncover clues and unmask a killer in an era where death is a thing of the past.

About Nobody Wants to Die:
Lose yourself in the world of New York, 2329, where immortality is possible – for a price. Following a near-death experience, Detective James Karra takes an off-the-books case from his chief. With only the help of a young police liaison, Sara Kai, to assist him. Time reveals all as they risk everything in pursuit of a killer, uncovering the dark secrets of the city’s elite.

  • Welcome to New York, 2329: Experience a noir adventure in an alternate future of New York City in 2329; technology has advanced to offer humans eternal life, allowing consciousness to be stored in memory banks or transferred from one body to another. That is, if you can afford the subscription.
  • Lead the Investigation: See through the eyes of Mortality Department Detective James Karra on his hunt for a serial killer who targets the city’s elite citizens. Investigate crime scenes using his time manipulation augmentation and advanced technology to reconstruct events leading up to each murder and uncover clues that lead to the horrifying truth behind the murders.
  • Noir Immersion: Lose yourself in a dystopian future through this meaningful and original interactive detective story, that explores the dangers of transhumanism and immortality. In a world of eternal life and vanishing morality, you, a hardened detective, must navigate the lines of right and wrong in a society where death is a distant memory.
  • A Stunning Narrative Adventure: Utilising the power of Unreal Engine 5, Nobody Wants to Die pushes the boundaries of storytelling, combining photorealistic graphics and a distinctly unique narrative experience.
Nobody Wants to Die Press Release

We don’t know a whole lot about what style of gameplay is going to be on offer here. The official press release says it’s a cinematic adventure inspired by neo-noir films. How the game will actually end up playing is yet to be seen. But honestly we’re already halfway on board with this idea. The developer has a real opportunity here to discuss the moral degradation of a society that has lost the ability to die. It’s not untrodden ground by any means but will be interesting to find out how this particular entry handles it.

We don’t have an exact release date yet for Nobody Wants to Die. But we know it’s coming sometime this year for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Playstation 5. We’re curious to learn more about how this game plays. But we’re definitely on board with the visual aesthetic on offer here. And we’re always up for a good bit of neo-noir with cyberpunk elements!

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